West Sacramento 火 Department

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The West Sacramento 火 Department has the mission of protecting life, 环境, property within the 西萨克拉门托市. To effectively complete this mission, the Department has located five fire stations throughout the City. The five fire stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a combined staffing of 17 personnel on duty which includes a Battalion Chief to respond to all structure fires and other major emergencies providing Incident Command and Scene Management. 火fighters work 48-hour tours of duty. There are three work groups called "shifts." In addition to the 西萨克拉门托市, the 火 Department is responsible for the unincorporated area south of the city boundary to Babel Slough Road and across to the old Arcade Station on Jefferson Blvd. The 火 Department has Automatic Aid agreements with several Yolo County 火 部门, with the City of Sacramento 火 Department. The 火 Department has three divisions, which provide a wide range of services for the community. 这些部门是: 消防管理, 紧急行动, 火 Prevention/Hazardous Materials.

ISO 1级部门

ISO stands for Insurance 海洋之神登录入口 Office. 这是一群训练有素的人, professional evaluators that evaluate municipal fire protection efforts in communities throughout the United States. Points for everything from training, 供水系统, emergency dispatch capabilities, 装置, 呼叫量, response times and more are thoroughly assessed and rated. The audits which determine the ratings occur every five years. ISO analyzes the relevant data using the 火 Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). The purpose of ISO is to give insurance companies a uniform system on which to base their insurance premiums. By classifying a community’s ability to suppress fires, ISO also helps the community evaluate their public fire protection services. The final rating ranges from Class 1 (superior fire protection) to 10 (minimal fire protection). Historically, very few cities receive the coveted “Class 1” rating. 在近50个,000 rated cities across the United States, less than one half of 1% of cities receive a “Class 1” rating. During its 2016 audit, the 西萨克拉门托市 received a “Class 1” rating. A “Class 1A” was also awarded to the rural area, which is the highest rural rating available. As insurance companies typically utilize the classification to assist in determining premiums, the new classification has the potential for financial savings for homeowners and business owners alike.



星期二下午, 4月30日, fire crews responded to a reported residential structure fire on 13th Street. 到达, they found an exterior fire that had extended into the interior of the single-story residence. 火 crews extinguished the fire, performed a primary interior search of the building, accomplished vertical ventilation to assist with extinguishing fire that had progressed into the attic space, conducted salvage and overhaul inside the residence. Their quick and effective fire attack ensured the fire damage was limited to the initial structure involved. All occupants had exited the residence safely before the fire department’s arrival. 没有人员伤亡报告.


Sound the Alarm, Save a Life

在周六, 4月27日, the 火 Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) joined and assisted the American Red Cross for their Sound the Alarm, “拯救生命”活动. The event was focused on sharing the importance of fire safety in the home and providing free smoke alarms with installation to any interested family/homeowner. In total, there were 60 volunteers assisting the community for a successful event.


American Legion Recognizes 火fighters of the Year

周四, 4月25日, 美国退伍军人协会, 林地77年后, honored and recognized members of Yolo County fire departments who were elected by their peers for the 火fighter of the Year award. West Sacramento 火’s 2024 火fighter of the Year is Captain Rick Garvey. Congratulations, Captain Garvey!

(见, 从左到右, 是加维船长, 弗朗切斯科尼大队长, 消防员Staley, 消防队员王).